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Complaint: I can’t speak for others but I am a real consumer with real problems . I’m not a disgruntled ex girlfriend . I honestly don’t believe that that’s what these claims are coming from either . I think these individuals that are filing these claims which have also found similar ones on other website have truly been ripped off and are frustrated with the situation. I purchased a home from Chris Baird a couple years go. Shortly after moving in the home started falling apart. In my definition a home that cost nearly a half of a million dollars should not be having the problems that I was having. My primary issue with the home and additions other things was the trembling that was felt on the first and second floor but more noticeable on the second floor anytime a car truck drove by any of the surrounding streets. The sensation felt like an earthquake period and would only get worse when the ground was wet. I contacted Chris Baird and his team immediately and was ignored. I filed a complaint with the CCB who worked with me for a long time to try to issue a fine to Chris and his company and prevent him from obtaining additional licenses under different names in my state. The problem with the CCB and their potential to enforce their rules at the fullest was due to the fact that Chris uses multiple names for his companies. This includes when signing a contract he will sign it under a different name that does not match with the CCB has on file. That’s when you attempt to file a complaint with the CCB they are limited to preventing the individual from applying for future licenses, may not be able to fully enforce their rules for the current situation at hand because technically the license is under a different name than what is on the written contract. Out of the blue I received an email from one of Chris’s Associates wanting to know what my issues with the house was , explain in detail that while there are several things wrong with the house my biggest issue was the shaking as described above . The conversation went back and forth for months and at some point I was offered $1,000 to resolve the problem. I responded and informed him that $1,000 will not resolve what appears to be a structural and poor Foundation issue and that if he felt that $1,000 will fix the problem I would like to have them keep that money and come fix the problem because it was not about the money it was about getting this issue resolved so I can have a home that I can be in in peace. I have put the problem aside because I have bigger pressing matters until this morning when I read an article about other people experience and some of the situations across the world and taking it up with the American Arbitration Association and use agencies across the country to have their problems heard and resolved. I made the mistake of not researching my contractor when I brought my house because I put a lot of weight and Trust into my real estate agent who did not recognize the fact that Chris Baird was signing the contract under a different name than what was licensed by the CCB. So whether those claims are true or not the resonate the stress frustration that I have dealt with over the past couple years since purchasing my house. I think the goal is to find others in the same situation with this person and file a mass report to have the issue addressed.

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