Cenkings Capital Review


I found this company (Cenkings Capital) on facebook and after seeing some testimonies of people saying that they were investing their money with them and getting like 75% monthly from thier investment and I decided to joined investing $1000 for a monthly return. I was introduced to one of the main trade managers whose name is Brandon Hall Iqbal and he told me that my money was in good hands and that I should never worrry about it and that I should be getting my return at the end of the month. Four months went by and I never got my return neither my $1000 initial investment back. I told the guy mentioned before that I needed to get paid or else I will report them on facebook and to the authorities after that he blocked me on facebook and also kicked me out from the facebook group they have and also block me from getting access to their website to check my investment. They are still on facebook and have already riped off other people. | They need to get shot down one way or another…I contacted their hosting company geniusguard.com and told them that they were hosting a fraudulent website but they did not care about it and told me that they werre not sure if that website really was a fraud so they kept closing my tickets and never did anything. Please do something to shot down this website..criminals online should also be put in jail.

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