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Cars 4 U Now Rental & Sales Scam Scam Scam. Junkyard not a car lot. Stone Mountain Ga!!. I saw a 2005 Dodge van for sale online and the advertising said it was in working condition and it had current emissions. I called on Saturday and a woman told me that the van was available for me to come in and look at it. I asked her was there any issues with the van. Her reply was no. Monday morning I called again and asked about the same van and was told that it was a 04 not 05 and the price had went down 100 dollars. I took a chance and went to the car lot. When I get there the woman I had spoken to was leaving as I pulled into the lot. I was greeted by a black man who immediately told me that the van did have issues. Moral of this story is they falsely advertised the van in working condition. I was very pissed at the whole situation because the man who I spoke with was trying to act like I should have known that the van had issues. Then he said that he didn’t do busy like “that” and was trying to put blame on someone else. Don’t waste your time or gas money on this place. They need to be shut down!! Scam Artists!!!!!

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