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capitol Chevrolet capitol hyundai rust rust who can you trust columbia ,sc South Carolina!!. ..I’m Very Very disappointed with the Capital Chevrolet of Columbia SC. I’m from Orangeburg SC. I skipped over local dealerships in Orangeburg SC seeking a family vehicle on Jan .02,2017. I was encouraged to purchase a 2018 Chevy Traverse with only 43,000 miles, 1 owner in great condition according to the CARFAX. It was located at a sister lot (which they claim to own) the vehicle was driven to Columbia the evening of Jan.2nd after I waited patiently at the dealership all day. The sales person was very helpful and adamant about getting me out the door especially since it was now after dark . 60 days later my husband returned from a trip and was able to look over the vehicle and review it , he immediately took photos and notified me of necessary items missing on the vehicle . There was no jack ,no spare tire and the mount for the spare tire is completely missing . The undercarriage of the vehicle as you can see is littered with rust to the point that I am unsure how long these components will last . The body looks good, but underneath it all the durability and the looks of things are not pleasing. I called the lot from which I purchased the vehicle and was told to come on down and we’ll exchange it. I was not greeted with the same hospitality & handshakes that I got when I purchased the vehicle. Brian Lindsay, who is the General Sales Manager offered that all we can get is brand new vehicle with the trade in we had, the Traverse & a negative equity of $4,000. He also offered that We could go half on the undercoat to cover the rust, and that we could pay for roadside assistance every time we need to change a tire. He informed us that the factory warranty we had was useless. He also said that he would buy a vehicle in that same condition for $18,000 and that he has purchased vehicles in the same condition . We found 2 vehicles on the lot that we were interested in 1 which was cheaper in cost but had about 100,000 more miles on it , they stated that they would not work a deal with us to get either of the vehicles . For the operator to continually express how they own so many other lots and they do so much business its heartbreaking that they are unwilling to keep a customer satisfied . no one want to hear YOUR STUCK WITH IT .

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