BLUEOVALINDUSTRIES JOHN Purcahsed 2008 mustang door lock grommet set on ebay, when received relised they are only “cover” for existing factory grommets, not replacements, when I contacted them they called me, Very Rude, said , Internet!!. Purchased a set of aftermarket door lock gromets for 2008 Mustang, when received relized they are only covers to go over factory gromets, when I contacted vendor to correct issue they argued with me that I was wrong & they are replacement gromets stating “take the old ones out & install our’s in there place” they then wagered a $1000 bet that I was wrong & sited my lake of religious beliefs & that I need to find Jesus then I will know the errors of my ways? huh? I think this is their default response when they cause an issue, this one clearly one of false avertising & are too ignorant or stubborn to admitt they are wrong, now in jeopordy of losing their ebay account over a $20 item after calling me several times & emailing me with harrasing messages, sad fact is I contacted Scott Drake(manufacture of product) direct to verify & solidify My case & they state “gromet cover” vendor incorect! Too bad vendor is not in my state because if they were I would take them to small claims for the $1000 dollar correction I leveled on them, since they are in North Carolina, not sure what my rights are but I will check into it. *DO NOT BUY FROM THIS VENDOR BLUEOVALINDUSTRIES, THEY LIE CHEAT, STEAL & THEN TRY TO HARRASE THE ISSUE AWAY, DID NOT WORK ON ME! MOST PRODUCTS THEY SELL CAN BE FOUND ELSWHERE FOR LESS ANYWAY, JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED* BEWARE!!!!

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