Binary Banc Review


July 13, 2016 I was researching Push Money and Binary Banc was what came online. Thinking that I was dealing with Push Money I invested $1,00.00 with Binary Banc. Once I realized what had happened I requested a complete refund. I was given the run around anytime I actually talked to a person and have never received my money back. I have mmade numerous requests to withdraw my money and to date have received nothing. | Binary Banc is a total scam and this is a tough loss for me. I have been attempting to access my account and cannot open it at all. My password does not work and when I go to reset my pasword the screen freezes. These people are working internationally and are nothing but thiefs. | I’d like to see them all go to jail for fraud and stealing people’s money.


Name: Binary Banc

Country: Georgia


City: Tbilisi

Address: Ceasaris International GE M.Zandukeli str 3

Phone: 44 (0)203769678


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