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Axiom Motors rip off artists typical used car dealers Brandon Florida!!. This is a warning to everyone who buys a car!! Do not go to these people they are a typical used car lot!! I was so excited to find the car I always wanted I shouldve done more research. At first the car itself had been sitting and had some cosmetic problems which is typical for a used car so the salesman was willing to work with me. Now I know about cars but the older ones not the new ones and this one looked nice I looked at the engine took it for a test drive and even brought my brother-n-law to help with the paperwork I shouldve listened to him and got the car checked out. I was so excited to finally own a Cadillac that I ignored everthing that was said and gave these guys the money! I drove off the lot in my newly purchased car and almost immediately started noticing problems which got worse….the engine light came on less than a week later then the cars security system came on I was given a key and told it was the original actually a cheap knockoff that didnt even have a chip when I asked them for the keyfob they said they didnt have it. Also I waited forever for the title and my tag they blamed it on the holidays also they were not willing when I found out from a real car dealer Cadillac what was wrong ECM they were not willing to do anything not even slip the cost!!! DO not go to these people they will be hearing from the BBB….

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