a company neglicence leads to financial loss Internet!!. Here is a copy of the complaint I send to the company. It says it all. I made a reservation through your company u2018 on 02/10/15 (Conf.# L5409437) to pick up a car at MidwayAirport on 03/24/15 at 11:30 PM at Dollar Rent A Car. The plane arrived in time at 11:30. It took us 15 minutes to retrieve our luggage. The bus that takes people to all the rental agencies offices was late 20 minutes. By the time we arrived at the pick up site, the desk was closed. We could not pick up our reserved car. Shame on you guys for not alerting us that this could happen. We had no clue that the rental company closes at midnight. When we called Dollar the next day to complain, they said that this would not have happen if we would have made the reservation through them they would have waited. But because the reservation was made through they had no obligation to do so. Since reservations that are not picked up by midnight are automatically cancelled, when we called next day to pick up the car we were told that a new reservation must be made and we had to pay a lot more money than the original reservation. As I said: shame on you We are certainly not going to use you anymore and will advise others to think twice before using your services. We have learned that it is better to make a reservation directly with the rental company and not with an aggregator.

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