Arch Orthodontics’ Dr. Robert Chavez totally cheated me

Arch Orthodontics’ Dr. Robert Chavez totally cheated me

I have an incident to share that should certainly warn everyone even thinking of dealing with Dr. Robert Chavez from Arch Orthodontics. I repeat, this guy is the WORST and he ripped me off to the tune of $6500 in orthodontic treatments based on absolutely false pretences. This guy promises false results with the Invisalign method that is worthless and crams at least three patients at a time to increase his earnings. I went to see him sometime back and all other orthodontists that I had previously consulted, had informed me that my teeth correction was not possible with the Invisalign method. However, Dr. Chavez kept insisting on the fact that it was possible to get my teeth corrected with this method and quoted $6500 as the price. I told him that I could not afford this since I was just a student but he kept persuading me and called personally many times, convincing me to go ahead with the procedure, even giving me his pager number in case I had any questions.

I decided to start the treatment under his assurance that this was only a one-time investment for getting nice and beautiful teeth for life. I got my impressions sent to Invisalign and was informed that the treatment would require 6 months. A very nice clincheck or computer generated image showing movement of teeth from start to finish was shown to me by the doctor. I told him that I could move forward but since I was a British citizen in America, it was imperative that the treatment be completed within 6 months. He gave me an assurance that 12 aligners would have to be changed every week and also insisted on me paying the full amount by the end of the 6 months through monthly instalments.
The treatment started off and a circular filing tool was used by Dr. Chavez to file teeth to make room. This tool scared me and I could literally smell my bones burning whenever he used the same. During one such session, he filed away two of my bottom teeth and I was in pain although he ignored it. Later I found that he had damaged teeth that were healthy and they looked horrible now. He built them back up with bonding material but they were permanently damaged. He may have committed the error due to the lack of attention since he sees three patients simultaneously.

When I needed to return to England, I booked my flight and Dr. Chavez informed that I could complete the procedure, i.e. removal of attachments from my teeth which kept the Invisalign aligners firmly in place. However, the teeth were not where they had to be which is what I realized when I came back to Boston. This trip cost me a lot in terms of money and time. I was horrified at the prospect of a return again in a few months with no solution in sight. I suffered from neurological/MS symptoms and other issues. I was also unable to work properly and tried various methods to recover but to no avail. Dr. Chavez told me that I had to keep flying back to Boston at least more than four times along with getting the new attachments fitted. I could not afford this at all as I found out. I went to the Invisalign site and had records transferred to Dr. Kirk Bartlett. I had already booked my Boston flight and this was non-refundable so I lost the money too. Dr. Bartlett’s office fitted the new attachments for another $500 but the top aligners were not fitting properly and were hugely uncomfortable. No orthodontist wanted to take me up after the damage done by Dr. Chavez.

Other orthodontists say that the horrifying filing tool was not required since it damaged my teeth and sanding paper should have been used. He even filed teeth away on a premature basis. The doctor has only blamed me for being unable to come back to Boston although I had major issues. He is not taking any responsibility, leaving me abusive and rude messages on voice mail. I have also issued a complaint to Invisalign but they have not helped me as well. My teeth are screwed and no one wants to take my case unless I pay at least $4, 200 or more. Dr. Chavez will never refund me and is ignoring me completely. I regret that I ever considered this doctor. It’s the worst experience in my life.

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