Anna Parante Connecticut Connecticut


This sorry Bitch wasn’t happy with her own husband so she went after mine. She met my husband through work, and once they hit it off she constantly began to find reasons to see him again and again. She would always manage to make sure her store-bought cleavage was on full display to make sure my husbands focus was where she wanted it to be. She was well aware that he was married with 2 children. She also had a husband and a daughter of her own at home but that didn’t mean anything to her either.I started to notice changes in my husband’s behavior, he started to regularly come home late, he always blamed it on how his job had become short-staffed and everyone was working more than normal. He put a lock screen on his phone that he had not previously had. He just generally became more and more withdrawn from our family. When I would ask him about it he would say nothing was wrong, or that he was stressed out from work. Sex started to become less frequent and I knew in my heart something was very wrong.When I started to question whether he was having an affair he denied it completely, yelling at me that he didn’t need more stress than he already had. But I still felt like there was more to it. So instead of calling his cell on his late nights I would call the office, and what do you know….he wasn’t there! I talked to a friend that I trusted and asked him if he would follow him. I told him that I just needed to know if I was crazy. If he didn’t find anything I was ready to let it go. But of course when he called me it was with horrific news. He was with Anna, he met her in the parking lot at her job and it was obvious that they had been seeing each other. He even kissed her in the parking lot. She followed him to a hotel where apparently they had become fairly regular. My friend called me and I went there. I went ballistic, I wanted to kill both of them. After someone there threatened to call the cops my husband left with me and confessed everything. He had been sleeping with her for 2 months. He claimed she came onto him while they were talking after they had gone out with some co-workers for drinks. She was telling him all about how lousy her marriage was and how she wanted to leave. And she also made sure to tell my husband how she wished she had a guy like him. They continued to talk in her car. They kissed and she gave him a blowjob in the parking lot like the classy bitch she is. They started sleeping together a few days later. She told him that she was in love with him and that she wanted him to leave me. She did not care that she would be breaking my family apart. All she knew was what she wanted. || When my husband confessed I was humiliated, angry, ashamed. I allowed myself to believe that I was actually the one causing problems while this slut was sleeping with him. He begged me to forgive him. And I was so crushed immediately that I actually thought about it. But every time I looked at him it enraged me. I told him a few days later that he had to leave and that I wanted a divorce. He has told me that he has broken it off with Anna, but I have heard otherwise. Either way avoid this slut at all costs.

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