Angie’s Shampoo & Shave Complaint


Angie’s Shampoo & Shave runs a poor business establishment when it comes to pricing based on “case by case”. I have a senior Maltese dog with hypothyroidism. As any pet parent knows, over 80% of hypothyroid dogs show some kind of skin abnormality such as hairloss (in this case). My poor little 9lb dog has basically no hair on his back, sides, stomach, etc. Only his arms/legs and head have thin hair. They did NOT have to comb out thick fur, knots, matting, etc. While bathing, nail trimming is included, we opted for the grinding/smoothing of the nails so he doesn’t scratch his skin raw and asked to just “check on him” like any “normal” so-called professional groomer would do as this is “part of their job”! They ended up quoting us up to $75 for him “after we had to call back for price” and we paid $65! Angie herself did a so-called “investigation” when asked about the high price for such a little bald dog and called me back saying the required extra care was why. What care!? The turn of the groomer’s head to see he’s ok and didn’t scratch himself raw? He didn’t get one-on-one dog sitting while there nor received time spent with a groomer after he was done. SO again, Angie cannot communicate properly about the price and what extra care there was. I highly doubt they have experience dealing with intelligent clients/customers and so-called dog show dogs like my groomer in NYC does. Angie’s has a poor way of defining “extra care”. I didn’t know it costs extra to check your dogs to make sure they’re ok which induces the bill. As a professional groomer, this should be part of their whole business motto, not a chance to be greedy and scrape up extra money just because a pet parent asked to check on him. Oh and keep in mind, as a first time nervous customer, that was also said to me! This and all of the above is very discriminatory. Interesting how irrelevant this is in regards to the price when communicated with them. They have yet to give me a “real” answer. Additionally, as mentioned to Angie herself, this should have been communicated if this is what they deem as extra care, not a make up excuse to charge extra. Bottom line is that they should communicated that this would be extra if this was the case. Very greedy women there! I WILL NEVER GO BACK OR RECO TO ANYONE. I WILL ONLY GIVE REAL FEEDBACK ON THIS PATHETIC GROOMING BUSINESS.

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