All Things Renaissance Vinton Virginia Review


I placed an order with All Things Renaissance in September of 2008. The order was processed and my credit card charged on the same day. Their website asks that you be patient and wait at least two weeks before inquiring about your order so I did. I waited approximately three weeks before sending them an e-mail asking about my order as I needed it by a certain date and I received no reply. A week later I sent another e-mail again asking about my order and stating that if there was a problem in getting the order to me by said date then the order should be canceled and my credit card credited for the proper amount. Again I received no reply. The All things Renaissance website seemed to indicate a possible problem in filling and shipping orders and weren’t taking anymore orders so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited. Still I have heard nothing from them. Their website also conveniently said they were having e-mail issues. After doing a little research on All Things Renaissance, I have found this to be all to common place to be a one-time mistake. I was taken by products that appeared to good to be true for the price and I found out that was the case. Do not do business with this company! I have filed a complaint with the USPS ( they ship through USPS) and the BBB and am weighing all options including legal. nWingfootnVinton, VirginiaU.S.A.

P.O. Box 371 Medford, Oregon U.S.A.


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