AGN AUTO GALLERY Dr Andrew G Nalecz Dear CFPB, As of this communication (May 23, 2019) I have received terroristic threats via voicemail and email fluent with incendiary profane verbal abuse from Dr. Nalecz; Owner/Dealer of AGN AUTO GALLERY, located in Roswell, GA. Roswell Georgia!!. As of this communication (May 23, 2019) I have received terroristic threats via voicemail and email fluent with incendiary profane verbal abuse from Dr. Nalecz; Owner/Dealer of AGN AUTO GALLERY, located in Roswell, GA. In February, 2019; while browsing the Internet; not specifically, car shopping, a 2006 Mercedes Benz 350 CLK Cabriolet displayed the retail advertisement of the automobile; listed for 7,850.00! I loved the aesthetics of the car and called to schedule a test drive! The sales manager was extremely hospitable and accommodated the drive! Being the age of the car, it was evident that it could; dynamically, drive smoother; otherwise, the car appeared to be worth the retail purchase! At the completion of the test drive, I noticed that the tire on the passenger side was somewhere deflated; also, showing more ware than the other three! Nevertheless, I decided that I wanted to purchase the car! I pointed out the few concerns I had about the car, which werenu2019t mechanical or technical, more aesthetic than anything! The sales manager made note of My questions and concerns and told Me that he would submit them to the Owner; Dr. Nalecz, whom wouldnu2019t be in until the following afternoon! He asked the pertinent potential buyeru2019s questions; as well, about the required deposit of $800.00! I told him that I would be willing to put half of the retail price! The following day, Dr. Nalecz called! Of course, he asked about regular income and My credibility! He ran My credit and determined that My credit wasnu2019t bad…just slow that reason being since 2005, Iu2019ve paid cash for personal and real property! He asked could I make the required $800.00 deposit! I told him that I would pay half of the retail price and gave him a cashieru2019s check for $4,400. Dr. Nalecz went over the caru2019s conditions affirming that the car hadnu2019t any technical or mechanical issues! He assured Me that the engine/transmission would drive to California and back without any problems; also, that the car passed emissionu2019s standards! I questioned him about the condition of the tire on the front passenger side! He told Me that He would repair the tire(???). During the generation of the contract, He told Me that he would personally finance the car for 24 months; however, I had to purchase GAP insurance, also, an Extended Warranty; otherwise, he wouldnu2019t finance the car! I consented to his prerequisites! When I signed the contract, the grand total exceeded $11,000.00. My monthly payments are $363.00 which arenu2019t problematic to pay! Two days later, the tire that he said he u201crepairedu201d blew out on 285 after leaving My doctoru2019s appointment! It cost Me $225.00 to have the car towed from Pine Street ramp Atlanta N bound to AGN; approximately,30 miles and 55 minutes in distance! After several conversations about the tire, he finally replaced the tire! The car didnu2019t start several mornings! After several complaints about the battery, he finally replaced the battery! Several days after those issues, I was sitting in the car, immobile on the lawn, talking on the phone, when I heard a loud, frightening explosion coming from the rear of the car! I suffer with PTSD that I was diagnosed with after incurring injuries from from a dynamite blast performing My job as a Geologist assistant! I was clueless as to what happened! I took the car to a foreign car mechanic specialist! The diagnosis indicated that the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) had malfunctioned, which signals the safety functionalities; airbags, emergency tension devices, seat belts, the drop top functionality and its components, back head rest roll bar over safety functions all failed. Furthermore, the hazard lights activate on its own, the COMMAND Unit that operates the Emergency Response System, radio, navigational features have all failed! Initially, I took the car to Dr Nalecz, whom told Me; in the presence of the sales manager, when the contract was generated, that if I have any problems, u201cbring the car to Me! I am an auto engineer expert whom has written software manuals for Mercedes and other luxury cars! I will fix the problem!u201d I believed him! Furthermore, I believed him when he said that the car was in excellent condition! Dr Nalecz manually reset the back headrest with a u201clong tool! The problem with the u201cloud explosionu201d was recurrent! The last time he made u201chis adjustmentsu201d after letting the drop top down, Dr Nalecz broke the sensors and tension devices applicable to the components that operate the drop top! He couldnu2019t fix the problem and inferred that u201cthere is nothing else I can do! Put the car in the garage and only drive it when it isnu2019t raining! (???). Iu2019m having the SRS repaired and contacted Dr Nalecz to ask if he would pay half of the 2,500.00 bill since he further damaged the SRS due to his u201cexpertise!u201d Dr Nalecz cursed Me out and told Me to not bother him with My problems. You bought the car u201cAs Isu201d the engine will last forever! Pay Your goddamn payments and never f*cking call Me again!!! I was devastated. My initial reviews of him esteemed him to the highest regard; despite the negative reviews that customers have submitted on Google Review, Yelp, and Dealer Rater about his horrific behavior! I withheld May, 2019 payment because as opposed to returning the car, knowing that I would have to litigate his deceptiveness, with the hope to be cured! Within the dynamics of this entire u201cnightmareu201d the mechanic stated that the dealer should have know the status of the caru2019s mechanical and technical issues and should never advertised the car for sale until the critical issues were repaired! My main concern, are the control arms which connects the caru2019s suspension to the actual vehicle frame! There are four control arms installed on the car, which has to be replaced, immediately, due to the bad condition of the caru2019s overall suspension! The mechanic stated that the control arms will BREAK while driving that will cause severe injuries/fatalities to the driver, its occupants, and other motorists! (???) I had to pay $250.00 deductible for the warranty to approve the repair claim? As of this complaint, I have paid $1,315.00 for diagnostics and the warrantyu2019s deductible, and $225.00 for towing! Moreover, when I told Dr Nalecz that I will take the car in for repairs, he asked: Wait to drive more mileage on the car so that the warranty agent will think that I sold the car with u201cpre-exiting problemsu201d After adhering to his request, when I finally called the warranty agent to schedule the repairs, the agency told Me: u201cA contract isnu2019t listed for Your car from AGN AUTO SALES!u201d I bought the car in February. Dr Nalecz finally submitted the extended warranty purchase in May! When I told Dr Nalecz that I was withholding Mayu2019s payment, he begin calling and leaving verbally, profane threats; as well as, email with threats to repossess My car; as well, that he will shoot Me if I enter his business because He doesnu2019t give a d**n about Me and will throw My Black a*s on the side of the road when I repossess the car! I couldnu2019t/canu2019t believe his mannerisms! I blocked his calls; simultaneously, he begin calling via u201cNo Caller IDu201d persisting with his verbal hostilities! Unfortunately, Iu2019ve become a victim of the egregious harassment that other customers have experienced that are confirmed via their reviews! I intend to honor My contract with Dr Nalecz! I didnu2019t give him thousands of dollars to default on My payments! My desire is for him to cease and desist his proposed repossession insinuation and harassments. I was able to stop his terroristic threats and verbal abuse when I told him that I had forwarded his incendiary communications to My lawyer! My lawyer contacted Dr Nalecz with a warning to cease and desist his harassments that admonished him to work with Me to resolve the egregiousness of the situation; otherwise, his tort is a malfeasance of deceptive sales tactics and verbal harassment that breaches My peace!As I close the narrative of this complaint, he calls via u201cNo Caller IDu201d leaving no messages…. In advance, I thank the Bureau for its investigations and intervention that You might implement in this stressful situation!

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