AES MODULES AUTO ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS NO REPAIR OF ECM JACKSONVILLE Florida!!. I discovered AES Modules on the web and their site looked promising. I called and spoke with a part guy who really sounded great and made all sorts of good claims. I sent my ECM to them for a check and possible repair. True to form the full price of the repair showed on my credit card. I was not concerned at this point. When about 10 days lapased and no communication from AES, I tried calling, left messages, sent email and no response. Now two weeks have gone by and I know nothing. I called a different number and the guy want to transfer my call and I said no, finally he gave me the tracking number of my ecm. The part arrived, the car started and ran for 5 days, and the ecm is dead. I returned the ecm and again ran into the wall of silence. Finally got through and was told he want to recheck the solders and the ecm would be in the evening mail. I was out out town and when I returned and found no ecm I checked email and there was a mail telling me there was water in the ecm and it was not repairable, but he had one on the shelf I could have for 375.00 more. I blew a short cork and decined the ecm but demanded mine be returned. I sent a rather terse email demanding a refund for the repairs that were not done the first time. This ecm has some serious corrision and was not repairable and was not repairable the first time it was there. I was lied to, over charged and forced to wait a long time for something that was not done. The repair money was returned, not words to explain why I was lied to. This company does not deserve the license they hold to operate a business in Florida. Do business elsewhere. I sent the same ecm via NAPA to Cordone who quickly concluded the part was not repairable. NAPA will get all my future business.

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