AAA National USA INC Little Rock


Complaint: I am writing this report today with great sadness. AAA National USA INC is owned and ran by Dana and Janice Mayfield . These people think it is ok to send workers all over the country to work for them. Write you a bad check on pay day , them leave you with out food or shelter or a way back home. I worked for Dana Mayfield in Baltimore Maryland for two months , in the end he lied all the time to me about paying us and worte me a bad check for $ 3,000.00 and still owes us $12,000.00 IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY THAT NEEDS A GOOD JOB , AAA NATIONAL IS THE LAST PLACE TO WORK DANA MAYFIELD IS A LIAR AND A THIEF. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ( DONT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY RUN AWAY FROM DANA MAYFIELD AND ALL HIS LIES . YOU WONT GET PAID!!!

Tags: Building Services, Employers, Service Provider

Address: 2945 Woodbine Hill Way7 Norcross, GA United States


Phone: 404 759-7806

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