A & A Marketing, LLC Review


A & A Marketing, LLC – Scentura Creations- Selling Perfumes Door to Door Virginia Beach Virginia | This location is a JOKE. They are advertising for management but actually selling on the streets until they sucked you dry before getting anywhere. The owners have no professionalism whatsoever, bella cussed so much my ears hurt from listening. She talks to you like you are beneath her with no education, I was be littled in so many ways i even explain. None of them have a valid drivers license so they will hire anyone with a car so they can use it for their own disposal. This place is all lies they act like they are succeeful but yet they only have 1 car to share. | You go door to door, parking lots, gas stations late at night with people that you don’t know, if they are a felon, thieft, or possibly molesters bc they don’t do background check, they are so desperate for sales that they don’t care who they hire. You won’t make anything here or even have a career like they claim to be because all they care is SELL SELL SELL. A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB if you have one, do your reseach 1st and see for yourself before accepting the job and ask a lot of questions then you’ll see how annoyed bella can be when you want to know stuff about the business like its wrong for even asking. Don’t let JOEL fool you to think he is so successful, he is sooo BROKE, he crashed with bella & jason and sleep at a hotel to bc he got kicked out for not paying his rent. | Do yourself a favor and move on to something that can assure you a payment for the job your about to do. If you like to go out on the streets, rain, sleet or snow and selling stuff for no payment at all then by all means go for them. Good Luck and I hope I help some people who actually doesn’t want to waste thier time.


Name: A & A Marketing, LLC

Country: United States

State: Virginia

City: Virginia Beach

Address: 2697 International Parkway #100

Phone: 757-309-0443


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